Art by Kaleb Leino

Kate's home is filled with turmoil that leaks out into her small town as her famous mother draws her family into international power struggles. Her parents worry about Kate's interaction with her invisible friend Destiny... who can't be real... or can she?

Overlapping Worlds

Kate and Destiny is the first book in the Overlapping Worlds Series. The series follows the adventures of Kate and others in her world. The second book is in progress. Updates and other information can be found on my Tumblr.

About the Author

My stories are told in translation. For instance, people in my stories aren't a perfect map to people here, but have some similarities we can relate to. I would love to have the characters, worlds, and stories escape my mind and bring joy to as many people as possible... while keeping a little distance from me, the storyteller. My time is mostly spent writing, traveling to see family, cuddling dogs, gardening, walking, etc.

Welcome Readers

Thank you for reading my book and visiting my website! If you enjoyed my book please leave a review on Goodreads and follow me on Amazon. Also please feel free to send an email, fill in the form below, or message me on Tumblr. I welcome any artists to share with me their illustrations of the characters or the worlds. I will not use them commercially but, with permission, may display them on my website and/or Tumblr. If so, of course I will credit the artist. Please do not send fan fiction. I am not offended by it, just would rather keep my versions of the stories my own.